How does work?

Shareyourmeal is an online cooking platform where people with a taste for good food get together. You can share your own delicious meals with people from your neighbourhood. Or if cooking is not really your thing, but eating is, you can look at what is being offered near you. 

You can go on a culinary quest in your own neighbourhood… but how does it actually work?

The foodie 

When you register on the website, you will automatically receive e-mails with all the meals in your neighbourhood. Or you can look on the website to see which delicious meals are on offer near you.

If you see something you fancy click on ‘order’ to order the meal and your order will be e-mailed to the cook. Additional requirements (for example: do not add salt) can be added when you order.

When the cook accepts your order, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation and additional contact information for the cook. The price and pick-up time will already have been on the website, but are mentioned in the e-mail as well.

We advise the foodie to bring their own container to put the meal in. This is better for the environment, or of course, you can make a different arrangement with the cook!

The price will be paid in the exact amount and in cash when you pick up the meal. 

Would you like to show your friends what delicious meal you will be picking up tonight? That's very easy! Click on the Facebook or Twitter icon and the meal will be posted immediately.

After you've enjoyed your meal, you can give the cook a thank you. You will receive a link to the website in your email box, which you can use to send a thank you to the cook. (Also, you can go to "My Shareyourmeal" to see if you have outstanding thank-you’s.)

And did you know that, if cooking is just not your thing, there is no obligation to cook whatsoever!!

The cook 

Once you offer a meal on Shareyourmeal, you will be displayed as a ‘cook’ on the website. When you put a meal online, you write down shortly: 

  • The name of your meal.
  • What kind of ingredients you use.
  • How many portions are on offer.
  • Until which date interested foodies can order the meal.
  • Within which timeframe foodies can pick up the meal.
  • The price per portion. (These are the costs for buying the ingredients)
  • If you like, you can also add a picture of your meal.

Caution: Do not remove and re-add your meal if you want to change something. This is not necessary because you can always change the meal after you've placed it on the website. Additionally if you remove a meal, you also lose your thank-you’s.

When the meal is placed, other members in the neighbourhood will receive an e-mail with your meal(s). They can click on the link to your meal and order it. You will then receive a meal order which you can accept or reject. When you accept the order, you will receive an e-mail with the foodie's contact information.

When you’re signed in on the website, you can also accept or reject meal orders. First, you click on ‘My Shareyourmeal’. Then, you can click on the tab ‘meal orders’. Here you will find a neatly ordered list of all meal orders. You can also find all the contact information here.

Because you can determine everything yourself, you can make sure that everything fits within your own schedule. Foodies need to indicate a certain time at which they will pick up the meal. In this way, you always know how much time you have to buy the ingredients and at what time you can expect them to come. Also, you won’t be stuck with a lot of leftovers. Preferably, you won’t use any disposable trays when offering a meal as this is not the best option for the environment.

Would you like to show your friends what delicious meal is on your menu? That is very easy! Click on the Facebook or Twitter icon and the meal will be posted immediately.

We ask a little bit of contribution when you're a cook in the Netherlands and you're using one of our platforms: or

The foodie pays this contribution to the cook. This is 10% of each portion with a maximum of € 0,25. As a cook you collect all these contributions at your balance on Shareyourmeal. With direct debit we will withdraw the amount of your bank account or you can pay by iDeal. 

Every cook has his own administration with an overview of all the contribution the foodies payed you. You can find the contribution overview at My Shareyourmeal - settings. 

What can you find here?

  • The contributions the foodies payed for each meal
  • Which contributions Shareyourmeal already charged. (Every week we withdraw the collected € 3,50 or more)


 : This symbol is a foodie. This person only orders meals. When they offer a meal, they will get a chef’s cap as symbol on the map.

: This symbol is a cook, but they can also still pick up meals. You can be a foodie and a cook at the same time.

: This symbol means that the cook living on this address offers a meal for you to pick up. 

: This symbol means that the cook makes meals on request. Have a look at their menu and request the cook to make the meal for you. You can do this by clicking on the button ‘Request this meal’. You can fill in when and at what time you would like to pick up the meal, how many portions you would like to have and if there are any additional wishes.

 : The circle shows how many portions are left. If you see 5/5, there are 5 portions left. If you see 1/5, then only 1 out of 5 portions is still available.

More information

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