Frequently asked questions

We have tried to make the website as simple as possible, but we notice that there are still questions. You can find the answers to some frequently asked below, separated per category. If your question is not in the list, you can send an e-mail to

General questions

Do you have to pay for using

  • You don’t have to pay for using the website of When you pick up a meal, you pay the cook immediately (preferably the exact amount).

Is a company with a lucrative purpose?

  • is a non-profit foundation. We work with the principles of social enterprise and define profit in social and sustainable terms instead of money. Of course, subsidies and donations are always welcome. :-)

Are commercial parties/stores/cafés allowed?

  • Commercial caterers or restaurants are not allowed on Shareyourmeal. Do you suspect a cook of being commercial? Send an e-mail to We will look into it and if needed, we delete the cook from the website.

Sign in                                       

I cannot sign in, what am I doing wrong?

  • You sign in with your e-mail address (not with your nickname) and password. You can also sign in with your Facebook account. If that doesn’t work, we can have a look at your specific problem. doesn’t work properly, what is wrong?

  • Shareyourmeal may work not as properly if you use an older internet browser or flashplayer. Try upgrading those, the website should work much better then.


I would like to change my e-mail address, how do I do that?

  • At the moment, it is not possible to change your e-mail address yourself. Send an e-mail to and we will change it for you as soon as possible.

I would like to receive more meal offers in my inbox if a meal is offered in my neighborhood. How do I do that?

  • As a standard, you will only receive meal offer in your inbox of cooks who live in a 1,5 kilometer / 1 mile radius of your place. Would you like to receive more offers? You can broaden your radius in your own setting by clicking on ‘My Shareyourmeal’. Follow your favorite cooks, you can do that by clicking ‘follow this cook’ on the profile page of the cook.

I only receive 1 e-mail with all the meals that are being offered. Don’t I miss any offers then?

  • All meal offers are sent to you once a day in 1 e-mail. If a cook places an offer within 24 hours of the pick-up time, you will receive a separate e-mail of this offer.

I always receive the mail with meal offers in the morning, but I don’t like that. Can I change it?

  • On your settings page, you can change the time at which you would like to receive the e-mail with offered meal.

I don’t want to receive e-mail of meal offers and would like to turn it off.

  • You can turn of meal offers of your neighborhood by clicking on ‘My Shareyourmeal’ and untick the box: I would like to receive e-mail of activities in the neighborhood. If you ‘follow’ any cooks, you will still receive the e-mail, but only with offers of those cooks. If you don’t want that either, you can click on the arrow on the right side of ‘My Shareyourmeal’ and click ‘updates from cooks’. Then, choose for all cooks ‘do not follow cook anymore’.

I receive offers from a cook I am not interested in, how can I change that?

  • You can block a cook. You can do this on the profile page of the cook and click the button ‘block this cook’.

I suddenly don’t receive offers of a cook in my neighborhood anymore, how is this possible?

  • The cook doesn’t offer anything anymore.
  • You accidentally blocked the cook. You can check this by looking at your settings under ‘blocked cooks’. You can then unblock the cook.

I don’t want to receive the news letter anymore. Ik wil geen nieuwsbrief meer ontvangen.

  • You can turn of the news letter bij clicking on ‘My Shareyourmeal’ and untick the box: Email me if Shareyourmeal has something fun to report.


How can I change my personal information or settings?

  • If you’re signed in, you can click on ‘My Shareyourmeal’ at the upper right side of the screen. You can change your settings here. If you want to, you can also delete your account here.

I would like to add another pick-up location, is that possible?

  • At the moment, you only receive e-mail with meal offers within a 1,5 kilometer / 1 mile radius of your house. Do you also want to receive offers from another place? Follow the cooks in that neighborhood and you will automatically receive messages. You can follow a cook to click on the ‘follow this cook’ button on the cook’s profile page.

My address doesn’t appear properly on Google Maps, how can I change this?

  • Your address can appear wrongly if you have added an addition to your house number,. This is not possible! Remove it in your settings on ‘My Shareyourmeal’. Sometimes, an incorrect spelling of the street name can give problems. If this can’t be the cause, send an e-mail to and we will look into it.

I would like to only be a foodie, is this possible?

  • Yes, this is possible. When you sign up, you are automatically a foodie. You can then choose to not put any meals online. You may cook for others, but it isn’t an obligation. If you’re a cook, you can still be a foodie as well.

Are the pictures of the meals and cooks property of Shareyourmeal?

  • No, the pictures are no property of It is the responsibility of cook and/or foodie to mention the source of the picture. 


How do I add a meal?

  • Sign in and click on ‘add meal’. You can now choose on which day, at which time, how many portions and for which price you offer your meal. Don’t worry, you can always change the information after saving. Caution: Do not remove your meal and then put it back on again. This is not necessary because you can always change the meal.

Can I add personal wishes if I order a meal?

  • When you decide to order a meal, you will get in contact with the cook through e-mail (and the website). You can then add your personal wishes, but the cook decides whether they comply.

I suddenly can’t pick up the meal I ordered, what should I do?

  • You personally made contact with the cook, so please let them know you can’t come anymore. Otherwise, the cook will be waiting for nothing! Maybe the cook can make another foodie happy with the meal. It would be a pity to throw your portion away! The contact information of the cook is in the confirmation e-mail you received when you ordered the meal.

I can’t find the cook’s address, how do I know where to pick up my meal?

  • To ensure the privacy of the cooks, the addresses are not placed directly on the website. When you order a meal and the cook accepts it, you will receive the address by e-mail. Please keep the information private!

Are there any rules regarding hygiene and cooking? 

  • On the page ‘hygiene and safety’ you can find all the information and rules about hygiene for cooks and foodies. We expect everyone to stick to these rules. Of course, we can’t check this. You can always take a look in the kitchen when you pick up your meal to ensure yourself that the kitchen is clean!

How do I take the meals with me?

  • The cook would like you to bring your own tray or pot. In most cases, the cook will have a spare tray as well. Always ask in advance and bring the tray back quickly or when you pick up another meal! On the page ‘hygiene and safety’ you will find more information about picking up meals.

What does that circle 2/5 I see next to the meals mean?

  • The circle shows how many portions already have been ordered. If you see 5/5, it means there are 5 portions left. If you see 1/5, then only 1 portion out of 5 is still available.


How can I send a thank-you for a meal to the cook?

  • You will receive an e-mail an hour after the pick-up time has ended. With this e-mail, you can thank the cook.

I lost my thank-you, help!

  • If you delete a meal from your profile, you will automatically lose the thank-you’s for that meal. So never delete meals.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t restore thank-you’s.

Can I delete a thank-you?

  • Only the cook can delete a thank-you from his personal profile. The thank-you can’t be placed again.

More information

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