my name is Sneha. I am from India. i love to cook but mostly vegetarian dishes occasionally I cook chicken as well. I came here few months back and now started my own company as " PURNA FOODS"

  • Samosa

    side dish by PURNA FOODS
    IMG 2461

    a fried pastry with potato filling. 2 stucks in one portion

    • LocatieUtrecht
    • Price per portion3.00
  • Delicious curry with spicy and tangy flavors, eat with Rotis

    • LocatieUtrecht
    • Price per portion4.00
  • Aloo Paratha

    main course by PURNA FOODS
    20140316 131254

    Stuffed Roti of potato, coriander, onion, ginger and some spices served with minty yogurt.

    • LocatieUtrecht
    • Price per portion4.00
  • Indian meal

    main course by PURNA FOODS

    carrot and onion raita, 4 rotis and pickle

    • LocatieUtrecht
    • Price per portion4.25
  • a very popular dish in India. saffron flavored Rice with spices,nuts and vegetables. Garnished with fried onion.

    • LocatieUtrecht
    • Price per portion5.00
  • Kleine vos

    wrote on  about Samosa

    Heerlijke samosaas, lekker gekruid. Dank je!

  • Dutchie

    wrote on  about Samosa

    The samosas were delicious. Thank you.

  • Kleine vos

    wrote on  about moth bean sprouts curry

    Heerlijk! Dank je.

  • Edgrobbetrol

    wrote on  about moth bean sprouts curry

    Dat smaakte weer heerlijk authentiek Indiaas thnx. Ed

  • Con Corazon

    wrote on  about chicken curry and rotis
    Con Corazon

    Hi Sneha, I loved the chicken curry

  • djawiz

    wrote on  about chicken curry and rotis

    Thank you Sneha for a very tasty chicken curry with rotis. My 12 yr old son and I enjoyed both the curry (its spiceyness was perfect) and the rotis (really fresh).
    See you next time!

  • Piafola

    wrote on  about Thepala

    The roti and raita was delicious. Thank you.

  • Menno&Anna

    wrote on  about brown lentil curry and rotis

    I did not read the discription right and therefore did not know that the meal was a vegetarian meal. still it was nice to eat.
    It was (more than) enough for me.

  • Els Peters

    wrote on  about veg pulao
    IMG 1237

    We liked you rmeal very much, our kids lover the pulau!

  • MSW

    wrote on  about matar paneer and roti

    The food was very good! The rotis were also freshly made. Even my son (2 years old) loved it!

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